Collective Calling, another event and another successful night!!!!, proud to help.....

December 06, 2017

Well done Paul and Gemma on another excellent and successful fund raising evening. 


If you dont know about Collective Calling, then please visit their website and see how you can help them to help others.


Our vision is to create a Centre of Hope” starting in Southern Spain – which will in turn broaden our “HRC” iniative and to take our empowerment module to refugee camps all over the globe.



The mission of Collective Calling is to help empower and bring dignity back to the lives of people who we serve and we do this through our “3 steps to empowerment” program for children with diswabilitiesin Nyarugusu refugee camp & our local “HRC” intiative in Spain.



We believe that a collective force of individuals, who have had a calling to help those in need, can bring hope in times of darkness, and can make a powerful impact on the suffering of humanity. We are a collective of entrepreneurs, service organisations, churches, companies and compassionate individuals who have touched the lives of thousands of refugees fortunate enough to have survived conflict and crisis, and we are committed to fulfilling projects that will provide a lasting impact for our beneficiaries.