Enthusiasts & Professional, Personal Photography Workshops

'Its about you, not the camera'


Photography is not just a profession or an expression for the few. It encapsulates everyones imagination and allows a medium of expression, relaxation and health. It is an exercise for the mind, it generates enthusiasm for fitness and provides a platform for individual imagination and inner expression. It relieves the stresses of life and takes you to your place that is your own. Some say photographs are all the same, but this could never be further from the truth. Humans are not the same, therefore no photography should be either. A photograph is a glimpse inside the mind of the taker, part of their DNA. It is accessible to everyone, the only art form that allows the masses to show who they are, what they think, how they see. 

I have been a photographic teacher for 30 years, first for the UK government and then privately. I would like to help you gain the skills and mindset so you can go out and produce your art and express yourselves. Its a wonderful way to remain active as your imagination and enthusiasm entices you to create. 

I have never subscribed to the school of photography, a way to generalise and categories what is different to everyone. So with our workshops we look to bring out individual creativity. No person is the same, therefore why should we treat them the same when this is a medium that is an expression of the unique.


We concentrate on technique and technical guidance. Each person needs the knowledge that gives them the tools to paint their imagination. So we base this on individually. We help you see beyond what is there, its potential, the way you envision it in your mind,

Anyone with a camera, any camera, is able to participate. We do not allow commercialism and marketing to determine your toolbox as each device is a single tool for you to create. So whether you have a camera from the dawn of creation to the age of advanced technology, it really does not matter. All that matters is that you bring your mind so we can show you how to bring it to the world using your tools your way. 

For the budding professional or if you just love the idea of knowing more, we also have our advanced course, where you will delve deeper into photography and technique. The course climaxes with 5 shoots, putting you in charge and letting you experience how to shoot in a professional situation.


Course objectives: - 1 Day Course (Online or In-Person)

(For: recreational Photography)


The camera & Equipment (ToolBox)

The exposure triangle




Camera light metering modes

Lens perspective

Depth of Field

Requirements - Camera (Any Type) and You....



Professional Course Objectives: - 5 week course or 1 day workshop????

(For:Amatuer / Student / Advanced photographers


Advanced Camera functionality & equipment

Black & White vs Colour

Exposure Methods & usage

Advanced lighting methods & light modification

Advanced subject matter & professionalism

Advanced understanding of light

White balance

Software & digital darkroom tools - (Laptop & Software advised, but not essential)

Shoot planning & implementation

5x Simulated real situation training shoots (Models provided) - Candid / Fashion / Portrait / Event / Personal choice 

Requirements - Camera (requires manual exposure mode) and You....


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